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25th July 2020 ~ What a week this has been… breaking news…after many months of lockdown and the inevitable challenges this has brought for all of us, we are thrilled to announce that we are now a Registered Charity!


This gives us a real boost that others get what we are doing and is an endorsement of our objectives.  Now the fun begins… and of course the enormous task of having to taste all the food our amazing chef is putting before us. You can all weep as you have to wait until early next year!

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​​We have had some amazing support and articles written about us so far.

Our amazing CEO, Dodie Piddock, had an interview with VGN News see the full interview below...

4TH Nov 2020

Minutes on the Clock - Page 42

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11th Sept 2020

Perth Prison, Once Deemed Most Dangerous in Scotland, to Open Vegan Fine Dining Restaurant

18th May 2020

Vegan Bistro Plans to Open Inside Scottish Prison

16th May 2020

Vegan restaurant in Scotland aims to give prisoners a second chance

15th May 2020

Vegan Porridge Anyone?

15th May 2020

Plans to transform Perth Prison social club into a training café for ex-offenders

15th May 2020

Scots prisoners and ex-cons to open vegan restaurant for public in grounds of jail

14th May 2020

EXCLUSIVE: Vegan restaurant staffed by inmates to open outside Perth Prison

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15th May 2020

Prisoners And Ex-Cons To Open Vegan Restaurant In Scottish Prison's Old Social Club

21st May 2020

Vegan Inmate-Run Restaurant to Open At Scottish Prison

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21st May 2020

Scottish prisoners to make jail’s old social club a Vegan Bistro

10th Sept 2020

Plans approved for ‘fine dining’ vegan restaurant at Perth Prison

10th Sept 2020

Vegan restaurant in grounds of Perth Prison approved

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11th Sept 2020

Fine-dining vegan restaurant named Yew Tree to open at HMP Perth

11th Sept 2020

Porridge with lentils? Vegan café… in a jail

11th Sept 2020

Fine dining at vegan café inside HMP Perth

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perthshire advertiser.jpg

17th Sept 2020

Vegan restaurant at Perth Prison that aims to develop skills of prisoners is given the go ahead

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2nd Nov 2020 

Prisons: The good, the bad and the ugly - Prison fine dining 

19th Nov 2020

Social Enterprise Day: 40 organisations turning profits into positives

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