Vegan Café Bistro

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We are products of our past

But not prisoners of it

Life Happens

Coffee helps!

Believe in yourself

Train for success

Feed your soul

And the community

Change your behaviour

And reach for the Moon

The Sun is always shining

Even when you can't see it



Hospitality because it is a growing market and therefore gives real opportunity for the future of our students, trainees and volunteers. Vegan because we believe the future of food is plant based for the environment, the climate and especially for the welfare of all animals.


Finding employment can be an uphill struggle for so many who are suffering from social isolation. One of our aims is to support them with bespoke training in a supportive environment. To do this we have chosen a commercially run café bistro with all the back up to enable and empower people to be the best they can be.


The restaurant will focus on great food, excellent service, innovative training and doing our bit for the environment, animal welfare and the future. Our cafes will use locally sourced produce and by so doing support the local economy.  We will be growing our own fruit and vegetables; composting all relevant food waste and reducing our carbon footprint wherever possible; 

From seed...

Seedlings plant... 

Cabbages plate.

Fresh Salad

We will ensure that education is at the forefront of everything we do and we will lead by example.

Our menu will be completely plant based showcasing the best our beautiful Scottish countryside can grow.

Our cafes will be run to the highest standards showcasing the quality of food and training. Our people, the environment, animal welfare and climate change will be at the forefront of everything we do.

Sharing our ethos will allow us to show others that it is possible to do all of the above and still be successful


Starting Step believes in the benefits of collaboration.  To find like-minded people and to have the opportunity to work with them and benefit those in need is a real blessing. To that end, we are building relationships with those who want to make a difference.

​We intend to renovate a building that will become a beacon for those who have been involved with the criminal justice system or are at risk of offending.


We are thrilled to have found the perfect location in the centre of historic Perth. This will be our first café bistro and it will be called Rascal's.

We will be training the next generation of vegan chefs to support the growth of veganism and the growing awareness of the benefits of a plant-based diet.

The Yew Tree

Our second venue will be called The Yew Tree. This is in recognition of the famous Fortingall Yew, which is at the geographical heart of Scotland. It is one of the oldest living trees in northern Europe, estimated between 2,000 and 3,000 years old and shows the potential longevity of everything we plant today to create a greener future.

This will be a commercial vegan cafe, events space and training kitchen, with the ability to provide cooking classes to the wider community and events management training to our students.